Articles | Volume 21, issue 11
Research article
24 Nov 2017
Research article |  | 24 Nov 2017

Simple scaling of extreme precipitation in North America

Silvia Innocenti, Alain Mailhot, and Anne Frigon

Data sets

Hourly Canadian precipitation data (HCPD) and Maximum daily precipitation data (MDPD) Environment Climate Change Canada

15 min precipitation data (15PD) and hourly precipitation data (HPD), NOAA

Short summary
The relationship among the extreme rainfall probability distributions and the temporal scales of observation is characterized by the use of scaling models. The validity, the magnitude, and the spatial variability of the estimated scaling laws are evaluated for ~2700 stations in North America. Results demonstrate an improvement of extreme rainfall inference and provide evidence for the influence of both local geographical characteristics and regional climatic features on rainfall scaling.