Articles | Volume 21, issue 11
Research article
23 Nov 2017
Research article |  | 23 Nov 2017

Evaluation of multiple forcing data sets for precipitation and shortwave radiation over major land areas of China

Fan Yang, Hui Lu, Kun Yang, Jie He, Wei Wang, Jonathon S. Wright, Chengwei Li, Menglei Han, and Yishan Li

Data sets

China Meteorological Forcing Dataset. Cold and Arid Regions Science Data Center, Lanzhou J. He and K. Yang

Short summary
In this paper, we show that CLDAS has the highest spatial and temporal resolution, and it performs best in terms of precipitation, while it overestimates the shortwave radiation. CMFD also has high resolution and its shortwave radiation data match well with the station data; its annual-mean precipitation is reliable but its monthly precipitation needs improvements. Both GLDAS and CN05.1 over mainland China need to be improved. The results can benefit researchers for forcing data selection.