Articles | Volume 21, issue 11
Research article
22 Nov 2017
Research article |  | 22 Nov 2017

Importance of considering riparian vegetation requirements for the long-term efficiency of environmental flows in aquatic microhabitats

Rui Rivaes, Isabel Boavida, José M. Santos, António N. Pinheiro, and Teresa Ferreira

Data sets

Data availability to ensure the reproducibility of the results of Rivaes et al. (2017) in the journal HESSD R. Rivaes, I. Boavida, J. M. Santos, A. N. Pinheiro, and M. T. Ferreira

Short summary
We analyzed the influence of considering riparian requirements for the long-term efficiency of environmental flows. After a decade, environmental flows disregarding riparian requirements promoted riparian degradation and consequently the change in the hydraulic characteristics of the river channel and the modification of the available habitat area for fish species. Environmental flows regarding riparian vegetation requirements were able to sustain the fish habitat close to the natural condition.