Articles | Volume 21, issue 1
Research article
26 Jan 2017
Research article |  | 26 Jan 2017

Hydrodynamics of pedestrians' instability in floodwaters

Chiara Arrighi, Hocine Oumeraci, and Fabio Castelli

Data sets

Dataset Hydrodynamics of pedestrians instability in floodwaters C. Arrighi, H. Oumeraci, and F. Castelli

Human instability in flood flows S. N. Jonkman and E. Penning-Rowsell

New criterion for the stability of a human body in floodwaters J. Xia, R. A. Falconer, Y. Wang, and X. Xiao

The use of physical models in dam-break analysis, RESCDAM Final Report R. A. Karvonen, H. K. Hepojoki, H. K. Huhta, and A. Louhio

Short summary
In developed countries, the majority of fatalities during floods occurs as a consequence of inappropriate high-risk behaviour such as walking or driving in floodwaters. This work addresses pedestrians' instability in floodwaters. It analyses both the contribution of flood and human physical characteristics in the loss of stability highlighting the key role of subject height (submergence) and flow regime. The method consists of a re-analysis of experiments and numerical modelling.