Articles | Volume 21, issue 9
Research article
28 Sep 2017
Research article |  | 28 Sep 2017

A hydrological prediction system based on the SVS land-surface scheme: efficient calibration of GEM-Hydro for streamflow simulation over the Lake Ontario basin

Étienne Gaborit, Vincent Fortin, Xiaoyong Xu, Frank Seglenieks, Bryan Tolson, Lauren M. Fry, Tim Hunter, François Anctil, and Andrew D. Gronewold

Data sets

GlobCOVER 2009 products description and validation report S. Bontemps, P. Defourny, and V. B. Eric

New global hydrography derived from spaceborne elevation data B. Lehner, K. Verdin, and A. Jarvis

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, 1 Arc Second scene SRTM_u03_n008e004 USGS

A global soil dataset for earth system modeling W. Shangguan, Y. Dai, Q. Duan, B. Liu, and H. Yuan

Short summary
The work presents an original methodology for optimizing streamflow simulations with the distributed hydrological model GEM-Hydro. While minimizing the computational time required for automatic calibration, the approach allows us to end up with a spatially coherent and transferable parameter set. The GEM-Hydro model is useful because it allows simulation of all physical components of the hydrological cycle in every part of a domain. It proves to be competitive with other distributed models.