Articles | Volume 21, issue 8
Research article
22 Aug 2017
Research article |  | 22 Aug 2017

Evaporation from cultivated and semi-wild Sudanian Savanna in west Africa

Natalie C. Ceperley, Theophile Mande, Nick van de Giesen, Scott Tyler, Hamma Yacouba, and Marc B. Parlange

Data sets

Energy Balance, Tambarga, Burkina Faso, 2009–2010 Natalie C. Ceperley, Theophile Mande, Marc B. Parlange, Scott Tyler, Nick van de Giesen, and Hamma Yacouba

Short summary
We relate land cover (savanna forest and agriculture) to evaporation in Burkina Faso, west Africa. We observe more evaporation and temperature movement over the savanna forest in the headwater area relative to the agricultural section of the watershed. We find that the fraction of available energy converted to evaporation relates to vegetation cover and soil moisture. From the results, evaporation can be calculated where ground-based measurements are lacking, frequently the case across Africa.