Articles | Volume 21, issue 6
Research article
29 Jun 2017
Research article |  | 29 Jun 2017

Modeling the water budget of the Upper Blue Nile basin using the JGrass-NewAge model system and satellite data

Wuletawu Abera, Giuseppe Formetta, Luca Brocca, and Riccardo Rigon

Data sets

Complimentary material and data W. Abera, G. Formetta, L. Brocca, and R. Rigon

Short summary
This study documents a state-of-the-art estimation of the water budget (rainfall, evapotranspiration, discharge, and soil and groundwater storage) components for the Upper Blue Nile river. The budget uses various JGrass-NewAGE components, satellite data and all ground measurements available. The analysis shows that precipitation of the basin is 1360 ± 230 mm per year. Evapotranspiration accounts for 56 %, runoff is 33 %, and storage varies from minus 10 % to plus 17 % of the annual water budget.