Articles | Volume 20, issue 6
Review article
30 Jun 2016
Review article |  | 30 Jun 2016

Geoscience on television: a review of science communication literature in the context of geosciences

Rolf Hut, Anne M. Land-Zandstra, Ionica Smeets, and Cathelijne R. Stoof

Video supplement

Hoe?Zo! - quiz question on effect of forest fire on soils Rolf Hut

Netwerk - news item on forest fires in the Netherlands, interview with Cathelijne Stoof Rolf Hut

Een Vandaag - item on wild fire featuring Cathelijne Stoof Rolf Hut

De Wereld Leert Door - Interview with Rolf Hut Rolf Hut

Short summary
To help geo-scientists prepare for TV appearances, we review the scientific literature on effective science communication related to TV. We identify six main themes: scientist motivation, target audience, narratives and storytelling, jargon and information transfer, relationship between scientists and journalists, and stereotypes of scientists on TV. We provide a detailed case study as illustration for each theme.