Articles | Volume 5, issue 4
31 Dec 2001
31 Dec 2001

The HYDROMED model and its application to semi-arid Mediterranean catchments with hill reservoirs 2: Rainfall-runoff model applications to three Mediterranean hill reservoirs

R. Ragab, D. Moidinis, J. Albergel, J. Khouri, A. Drubi, and S. Nasri

Abstract. The objective of this work was to assess the performance of the newly developed HYDROMED model. Three catchments with hill reservoirs were selected. They are El-Gouazine and Kamech in Tunisia and Es Sindiany in Syria. The rainfall, the spillway flow and volume of water in the reservoirs were used as input to the model. Events that generated spillway flow were preferred for calibration. The results confirmed that the HYDROMED model is capable of reproducing the runoff volume at all the three sites. In calibrating single events, the model performance was high as measured by the Nash-Sutcliffe criterion for goodness of fit. In some events this value was as high as 98%. In simulation mode, the highest Nash-Sutcliffe criterion value was close to 70% in the El-Gouazine and Kamech catchments and close to 50% in the Es Sindiany catchment. Given the limited information available, especially on the unrecorded releases in the three catchments, the hydrological impact of site geology (e.g. Kamech), the unrecorded operator intervention during the spillway flow (e.g. Es Sindiany) and other unaccounted factors (e.g siltation, evaporation, etc.), these results are by and large very encouraging. However, they could be further improved as and when more information on the unrecorded parameters becomes available. Additionally, the results of this work highlighted the need for long term records with a large number of significant events that are able to generate spillway flow to obtain more consistent and reliable parameter values. It also highlights the need for more accurately recorded releases for irrigation and other uses. As these results are encouraging, more tests on those three and other sites are planned.

Keywords: HYDROMED, rainfall-runoff model, Mediterranean, conceptual model