Articles | Volume 25, issue 10
Research article
05 Oct 2021
Research article |  | 05 Oct 2021

How is Baseflow Index (BFI) impacted by water resource management practices?

John P. Bloomfield, Mengyi Gong, Benjamin P. Marchant, Gemma Coxon, and Nans Addor

Data sets

Catchment attributes and hydro-meteorological timeseries for 671 catchments across Great Britain (CAMELS-GB) G. Coxon, N. Addor, J. P. Bloomfield, J. Freer, M. Fry, M., J. Hannaford, N. J. K. Howden, R. Lane, M. Lewis, E. L. Robinson, T. Wagener, and R. Woods

Inventory of reservoirs amounting to 90 % of total UK storage M. J. Durant and C. J. Counsell

Land Cover Map~2015 (1 km percentage target class, GB) C. S. Rowland, R. D. Morton, L., Carrasco, G. McShane, A. W. O'Neil, and C. M. Wood

Estimated licensed and actual abstractions from all surface and groundwater sources by purpose: 2000 to 2017 UK Government

Short summary
Groundwater provides flow, known as baseflow, to surface streams and rivers. It is important as it sustains the flow of many rivers at times of water stress. However, it may be affected by water management practices. Statistical models have been used to show that abstraction of groundwater may influence baseflow. Consequently, it is recommended that information on groundwater abstraction is included in future assessments and predictions of baseflow.