Articles | Volume 25, issue 6
Research article
18 Jun 2021
Research article |  | 18 Jun 2021

Attribution of growing season evapotranspiration variability considering snowmelt and vegetation changes in the arid alpine basins

Tingting Ning, Zhi Li, Qi Feng, Zongxing Li, and Yanyan Qin

Data sets

The Digital elevation data Geospatial Data Cloud

Meteorological data China Meteorological Data Service Center


MODIS MOD10A2 Version 6 snow cover products NASA

MODIS MOD13A3.006 products NASA

Ground truth of land surface evapotranspiration at regional scale in the Heihe River Basin (2012-2016) ETmap Version 1.0 National Tibetan Plateau Data Center

Short summary
Previous studies decomposed ET variance in precipitation, potential ET, and total water storage changes based on Budyko equations. However, the effects of snowmelt and vegetation changes have not been incorporated in snow-dependent basins. We thus extended this method in arid alpine basins of northwest China and found that ET variance is primarily controlled by rainfall, followed by coupled rainfall and vegetation. The out-of-phase seasonality between rainfall and snowmelt weaken ET variance.