Articles | Volume 22, issue 12
Research article
05 Dec 2018
Research article |  | 05 Dec 2018

Principal components of thermal regimes in mountain river networks

Daniel J. Isaak, Charles H. Luce, Gwynne L. Chandler, Dona L. Horan, and Sherry P. Wollrab

Data sets

NorWeST stream temperature data summaries for the western U.S. G. L. Chandler, S. Wollrab, D. Horan, D. Nagel, S. Parkes, D. J. Isaak, S. J. Wenger, E. E. Peterson, J. M. Ver Hoef, S. Hostetler, C. H. Luce, J. B. Dunham, J. Kershner, and B. B. Roper

Short summary
Description of thermal regimes in flowing waters is key to understanding physical processes and improving bioassessments, but has been limited by sparse data sets. Using a large annual temperature data set from a mountainous area of the western U.S., we explored thermal regimes using principle component analysis. A small number of summary metrics adequately represented most of the variation in this data set given strong temporal coherence among sites.