Articles | Volume 21, issue 2
Research article
10 Feb 2017
Research article |  | 10 Feb 2017

Validation of terrestrial water storage variations as simulated by different global numerical models with GRACE satellite observations

Liangjing Zhang, Henryk Dobslaw, Tobias Stacke, Andreas Güntner, Robert Dill, and Maik Thomas

Data sets

GFZ GRACE Level-2 Processing Standards Document for Level-2 Product Release 0005 ( C. Dahle, F. Flechtner, C. Gruber, D. König, R. König, G. Michalak, and K.-H. Neumayer

Globally gridded terrestrial water storage variations from GRACE satellite gravimetry for hydrometeorological applications ( L. Zhang, H. Dobslaw, and M. Thomas

Short summary
Global numerical models perform differently, as has been found in some model intercomparison studies, which mainly focused on components like evapotranspiration, soil moisture or runoff. We have applied terrestrial water storage that is estimated from a GRACE-based state-of-art post-processing method to validate four global numerical models and try to identify the advantages and deficiencies of a certain model. GRACE-based TWS demonstrates its additional benefits to improve the models in future.