Articles | Volume 21, issue 6
Research article
30 Jun 2017
Research article |  | 30 Jun 2017

Climate and basin drivers of seasonal river water temperature dynamics

Cédric L. R. Laizé, Cristian Bruna Meredith, Michael J. Dunbar, and David M. Hannah

Data sets

Water temperatures for the period 1984 to 2007 at 35 sites on 21 UK rivers C. L. R. Laizé and C. Bruna Meredith

Short summary
Stream temperature controls many river processes, making it vital to know how climate affects it. Climate and stream temperatures at 35 British sites and associated basin properties were used to model climate–water temperature associations and to assess how they are influenced by basins. Associations vary with season and water temperature range. Basin permeability, size, and elevation have the main influence; smaller upland or impermeable basins are the most sensitive to climate.