Articles | Volume 20, issue 9
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 20, 3789–3798, 2016
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 20, 3789–3798, 2016

Research article 13 Sep 2016

Research article | 13 Sep 2016

Synchrony of trend shifts in Sahel boreal summer rainfall and global oceanic evaporation, 1950–2012

Alima Diawara et al.

Data sets

Global Land Precipitation: A 50-yr Monthly Analysis Based on Gauge Observations ( M. Chen, P. Xie, J. E. Janowiak, P. A. and Arkin<0249:GLPAYM>2.0.CO;2

GPCC Full Data Reanalysis Version 6.0 at 2.5º: Monthly Land-Surface Precipitation from Rain-Gauges built on GTS-based and Historic Data U. Schneider, A. Becker, P. Finger, A. Meyer-Christoffer, B. Rudolf, and M. Ziese\_GPCC/FD\_M\_V7\_250

Terrestrial Air Temperature and Precipitation: Monthly and Annual Time Series (1950-1999) C. J. Willmott and K. Matsuura

Improvements to NOAA's Historical Merged Land-Ocean Surface Temperature Analysis (1880-2006) ( T. M. Smith, R. W. Reynolds, T. C. Peterson, and J. Lawrimore

Interdecadal changes of 30-yr SST normals during 1871-2000 ( Y. Xue, T. M. Smith, R. W. and Reynolds

The ERA-40 re-analysis ( S. M. Uppala, P. W. K{\AA}llberg, A. J. Simmons, U. Andrae, V. D. C. Bechtold, M. Fiorino, J. K. Gibson, J. Haseler, A. Hernandez, G. A. Kelly, X. Li, K. Onogi, S. Saarinen, N. Sokka, R. P. Allan, E. Andersson, K. Arpe, M. A. Balmaseda, A. C. M. Beljaars, L. V. D. Berg, J. Bidlot, N. Bormann, S. Caires, F. Chevallier, A. Dethof, M. Dragosavac, M. Fisher, M. Fuentes, S. Hagemann, E. H\'{o}lm, B. J. Hoskins, L. Isaksen, P. A. E. M. Janssen, R. Jenne, A. P. Mcnally, J.-F. Mahfouf, J.-J. Morcrette, N. A. Rayner, R. W. Saunders, P. Simon, A. Sterl, K. E. Trenberth, A. Untch, D. Vasiljevic, P. Viterbo, and J. Woollen

Short summary
The western African Sahel region has been one of the most important research areas for studying climatic variability due to its fragile climate conditions. Between 1950 and 2012, summer rainfall in the Sahel changed from a multi-decadal decreasing trend to an increasing trend (positive trend shift) in the mid-1980s. We found that this trend shift was synchronous with similar trend shifts in global oceanic evaporation and in land precipitation on all continents except the Americas.