Articles | Volume 16, issue 8
Research article
13 Aug 2012
Research article |  | 13 Aug 2012

Use of laser-scan technology to analyse topography and flow in a weir pool

P. E. Dresel, P. Hekmeijer, J. F. Dean, W. Harvey, J. A. Webb, and P. Cook

Abstract. The development of laser-scan techniques provides opportunity for detailed terrain analysis in hydrologic studies. Ground based scans were used to model the ground surface elevation in the area of a stream gauge weir over an area of 240 m2 at a resolution of 0.05 m. The terrain model was used to assess the possibility of flow bypassing the weir and to calculate stream flow during filling of the weir pool, prior to flow through the weir notch. The mapped surface shows a subtle low-lying area at the south end of the structure where flow could bypass the weir. The flow calculations quantify low-flows that do not reach the weir notch during small rain events and flow at the beginning of larger events in the ephemeral stream.