Articles | Volume 11, issue 6
27 Nov 2007
27 Nov 2007

Temperatures and precipitation totals over the Russian Far East and Eastern Siberia: long-term variability and its links to teleconnection indices

V. V. Krokhin and W. M. J. Luxemburg

Abstract. The present study examines the spatial-temporal regime of the mean monthly temperature (MMT) and monthly precipitation (MPT) anomalies over the Russian Far East and Eastern Siberia for the period 1949–2003. The original data were analyzed spatially by means of complex principal component analysis and temporally by means of the maximum entropy method and traditional Fourier spectral analysis. The interannual variability in these anomalies can be represented by the single dominant modes. These dominant modes oscillate with periods of about 2–3 yr and 6–8 yr that are accompanied by statistically significant changes in such monthly teleconnection indices, as the Arctic and North Pacific Oscillations.