Articles | Volume 10, issue 4
08 Aug 2006
08 Aug 2006

The protective and attractive covering of a vegetated embankment using coir geotextiles

S. Vishnudas, H. H. G. Savenije, P. Van der Zaag, K. R. Anil, and K. Balan

Abstract. This paper presents the results of a field experiment conducted in Kerala, South India, to test the effectiveness of coir geotextiles for embankment protection. The results reveal that treatment with geotextile in combination with grass is an effective eco-hydrological measure to protect steep slopes from erosion. In the context of sustainable watershed management, coir is a cheap and locally available material that can be used to strengthen traditional earthen bunds or protect the banks of village ponds from erosion. Particularly in developing countries, where coir is abundantly available and textiles can be produced by small-scale industry, this is an attractive alternative for conventional methods. This paper analyses the performance of coir geotextile in different treatments with respect to soil moisture content, protection against erosion and biomass production.