Articles | Volume 4, issue 4
31 Dec 2000
 | 31 Dec 2000

Appendix: Data management and data archive for the HYREX Programme

A. M. Roberts, I. D. Cluckie, L. Gray, R. J. Griffith, A. Lane, R. J. Moore, and M. A. Pedder

Abstract. Since the mid 1980s, changes in political imperatives plus technological changes in computer hardware and software have heightened the awareness of the economic value and importance of quality datasets to scientific research. The Natural Environment Research Council’s (NERC) interdisciplinary Thematic and Special Topic Programmes have highlighted the need for a coherent data management policy to provide and preserve these quality datasets for posterity. The Hydrological Radar EXperiment (HYREX) Special Topic Programme brought together multi-disciplinary researchers from UK public sector laboratories and universities. In this paper, the HYREX data management strategy, its problems and its solutions are discussed. The HYREX data archive, situated at NERC’s British Atmospheric Data Centre, is described.

Keywords: radar, data, archive, web, storm, flood