Articles | Volume 4, issue 1
31 Mar 2000
31 Mar 2000

Flood frequency estimation by continuous simulation (with likelihood based uncertainty estimation)

D. Cameron, K. Beven, J. Tawn, and P. Naden

Abstract. A continuous simulation methodology, which incorporates the quantification of modelling uncertainties, is used for flood frequency estimation. The methodology utilises the rainfall-runoff model TOPMODEL within the uncertainty framework of GLUE. Long return period estimates are obtained through the coupling of a stochastic rainfall generator with TOPMODEL. Examples of applications to four gauged UK catchments are provided. A comparison with a traditional statistical approach indicates the suitability of the methodology as an alternative technique for flood frequency estimation. It is suggested that, given an appropriate choice of rainfall-runoff model and stochastic rainstorm generator, the basic methodology can be adapted for use in many other regions of the world.

Keywords: Floods; Frequency; TOPMODEL; Rainfall-runoff modelling