Articles | Volume 3, issue 3
30 Sep 1999
30 Sep 1999

Determination of fluid transmissivity and electric transverse resistance for shallow aquifers and deep reservoirs from surface and well-log electric measurements

H. S. Salem

Abstract. Fluid transmissivity (layer thickness times permeability) and electric transverse resistance (layer thickness time resistivity) are important parameter in groundwater and hydrocarbon exploration. Determination of these parameters provides a good knowledge of the potential of porous media, because they relate fluid flow to electric-current conduction, in terms of layer thickness, permeability and resistivity. In this study, both parameters were determined for shallow aquifers (Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany) and deep reservoirs (Jeanne d'Arc Basin, offshore of eastern Canada), utilizing surface and well-log electric measurements. Direct relationships between both parameters, with coefficients of correlation of 0.99 (for the aquifers) and 0.94 (for the reservoirs), were obtained. The relationships suggest that an increase in both parameters indicate presence of zones of high fluid potential within the aquifers and the reservoirs.